Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality on the other hand, transposes us to a different world all together through the use of Head Mounted Displays (HMD’s) such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Putting a VR Headset would leave you blind to your sorroundings but will expand your senses to the experience within. You might therefore find yourself on top of Mars looking for water or in our case a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant operating a complex and dangerous machinery such as the isolator.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality takes our current reality and adds overlays of various types of information on it. In other words, it simply augments our existing reality. AR usually takes place on your smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, AR can be categorised into three categories

  • Marker Based

  • Markerless

  • Location Based

Vision–Making a Difference

Benefits of Immersive Technologies

Immersive Technologies are Transforming Imagination into Reality


Enables better visualisation with the integration of virtual 3D models.


Brings immersive experiences to the real world where the user feels as if they’re actually part of the simulated ‘universe’.


The high level of interactivity and engagement in these technologies enables more immersive experiences. Users ‘learn by doing’ and actively participate in the simulated experience which makes it more enjoyable and memerable


Makes real-world experiences more accessible which are otherwise limited due to geographical or resource challenges.

Pain Points

Solution To Challenges

VR Technology in Life Sciences Skilling


The VR ecosystem is supported by a huge plethora of devices that differ in their capabilities and price. Learn about these different hardwares and find out which ones suit your requirement the best.


One of the top Virtual Reality Headsets in the world, the HTC Vive offers a premium immersive experience with 6 degrees of freedom which enables movements and interactions which mimic reality to significant extent. The HMD comes with 360 degree controllers, headset tracking, directional audio and HD haptic feedback.

HP Mixed Reality

The new windows mixed reality headset delivers cutting-edge visual quality and superb comfort. The device also offers a more convenient set-up as it has in-built trackers and thereby eliminating the need for external trackers to be set up in the environment. The device comes at a reasonable price comparing with the other VR Headsets whilst offering an extensive range of features. Simulanis are proud partners of HP for their state of the art VR Ready Computers and HMD’s.

Features & Advantages

Virtual Manufacturing Labfor Skill Development


Technical Scope

Milestone Plan

VR Module’s Deployment


Our SDK integrated with game effectively captures:

  • In Game Data

  • Physiological Data

  • Psychometric Data


Our SDK integrated with game effectively captures:

  • Comparative Analysis & User Profiling

  • Powerful one stop views correlating psychometric, biological and performance variables

  • Composite Scores benchmarked against global skilling benchmarks

  • User Progression Funnel

POC Case Studies

Experiment Studies

Proof Of Concept