Innova EducationAll, an educational cum skill development enterprise has been retained by Uttarakhand Government for imparting skill development courses funded by the government to enhance the employability chances of the unemployed youth.This exercise is being conducted at Dehradun, beginning September 2016.

For this exercise, Innova EducationAll wishes to appoint teachers / trainers / coordinators / marketing executives for Dehradun headquarter.


First seminar in Dehradun, taking the benefits of the Skill India Mission to the doorsteps of the youth:

  • Reduce the gap between what industry needs and what colleges are able to provide rather.

  • We can gave all inputs to colleges so that they can upgrade their system, so that normal colleges also can provide the effective manpower like I.I.Ms/ I.I.Ts to the industries.

  • Organize lectures / workshops with Industry specific specialists for better student orientations.

  • Develop the standards of students so that they meet the industrial requirements and are viewed as an asset by the industries right from the onset.

  • College itself becomes a brand in coming years because of better placements.

  • Develop your students’ career through Professional Development Programme.

  • To guide students for their best future & to help them out to establish their career.

  • Create dedicated placement cell for placement of all skilled students



  • Gradient High Performance liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

  • Gas Chromatography GC

  • UV VIS Spectrophotometer / VIS Spectrophotometer

  • Digital Programmable Polarimeter / Refractoimeter

  • Elisa Reade

  • Concentrator ( IR/Vacuum based)

  • Gradient Polymerization Chain Reaction – PCR System

  • Potentiometric Auto-titrator

  • Karl Fisher auto-Titrator

  • pH/Ion Analyzer and Ion Selective Electrodes

  • pH Meters and pH Electrodes

  • Conductivity Meters

  • Dissolved oxygen meter

  • Turbidity Meter

  • Colorimeters

  • Autoclave ( Large / small)

  • Microscopes ( Different type)

  • Laminar Air Flow system

  • Electronic Balances ( Analytical / Precession)

  • Refregated Incubator Shaker / Shakers

  • Incubators ( BOD/ Bac)

  • Hot Air Oven

  • Rotovapour

    • Micro pipettes
    • Centrifuge
    • Water Baths / Circulating water Bath
    • Other small Equipments / Lab Chemicals / Glassware etc.

We have well established Class rooms with Multi-media projectors, Instrument Laboratories, Conference hall and a well established Computer Laboratory.

Briefly About Training Module

Training Centre is located at the heart of the City. It has very good connectivity with all modes of Transportations. (Train, Bus, Auto & Flight)