Counseling Career Club

Most of the students are unaware of their own Potentials and thereby they create personality as their Parents / Peers etc want them to be. They also do not have adequate knowledge about their Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities before them which are required to address their career related problems. It is therefore, our boys & girls, need proper Counselling & Guidance at every stage through the developmental methods and well organized programming.

It is a common observation that the Opportunities to go into a field of one's choice were quite rare However today we have a totally different situation People have much greater choice in the career they pursue

In this context a thorough assessment of the Childs' interests, abilities, aptitude, and learning skills etc can help for effective Counselling and Guidance to students to choose correct stream/ vocation they need to adopt.

The future of the nation is shaped by shaping the future of its youth.

After 1998 due to a rapid change in our economy, the education system has taken a new direction towards development of the higher technical education in our country.

There are mushroom growths of the technical institutes causing problems for our students that after having degree now are they getting placements of their choice. So it becomes very important to take a proper advice from professional advisors about the colleges before taking the admission.

We have well-structured plan and programme to give professional guidanceto the students of the 12h onward up to the post-graduation in different career related fields.

We always motivate students to think and dream big bout their career & advise them to go for premier institutions in India and Abroad for their career courses.

Success Ensuring Training (SET) is also arranged or the students to help them effectively to prepare for the various entrance examinations for Technical courses/studies.